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The Directors have combined their 6 years experience in security close protection to build strong utility base.
"Little Birds Management Services" is a very trusted name. All employees most attend in-service training to maintain their employment. In-service training covers many aspects of the security and criminal field, including but not limited to: weaponless defense, chain of evidence, street gangs, suspect containment and apprehension, report writing, not taking, high risk situation assessment, handling of domestic violence situations, legal updates and many other subjects relating to the lawenforcement and security field.
While we are determined to serve you with full sense of responsibility. We shall be proud to provide National & International level instructors and lecturer's who are experts in martial arts, close quarter battle and important security matters.
To introduce for the first time in Rajasthan, Specialised security Training and Services of the highest international standards. Our aim is to dramatically lift standards Government Security Forces, improve professionalism, modernize and equip and protect prominent persons.
Little Birds Management Services. Provides the following services to its clients:-
• Armed Guard, and Unarmed Guard
• Personnel Body Guard (Male & Female)
• Security Systems and Procedures
• Dog Squad.
• Investigative and verification services
Registration / Certification
The Group is Regd. with following statutory bodies for regulating security business.
Registration No. S.H.434/R 11 B/Page 62/2010
Pan No. .AXZPS4073M
Service Tax No. AXZPS4073MSD002
PF No. RJ/26956.
ESIC No. 15-00-037766-000-1018
Financial Services
Our wage structure is strictly governed by the following:-
• Minimum wages,
• P.f.
• ESIC/Workman compensation
• Bonus
• Leave
• Weekly off
Little Birds Management Services first obligation is to represent the client in all the tasks and functions requested by the client. Regardless of the tasks or its filature, certain elements are required and will remain: constant in the mind of Little Birds Management Services and its personnel. We will at all times be aware of the client public and private profile and therefore interact with the community in a responsible, discrete and courteous manner.
Additional Benefits
In case you would be interested, we can provide you with other categories of unskilled/skilled manpower e.g.: - Housekeeping staff, operators, Ward boys, Helpers, Gardeners, Office Assistants, Electrician, Plumbers ect.

Liaison shall also be maintained with all relevant Govt. Departments e.g. Local police, E.S.I, P.F, Labour department etc by our Head office. All these facilities can be availed of by the management at the time of distress.
At the time of labour unrest, we would deploy requisite number of additional security staff at a very short notice. Our staff shall also co-ordinate insetting the labour and management disputes. We shall also maintain complete liaison with the local police.

From time to time, we submit our security report to expose weak point in the security of factory and offer remedial action and suggestion for improvement if any.

We are well equipped with state -of-art-communication network and transport. Our Rapid response force handles the situation within our contingency plans. Standard operation plans (SOP) will also be prepared to meet the requirements.
We can deploy additional staff at short notice.

It is guided by the eligibility criteria laid down in the Private Security Agencies Regulation Act.2005, Physical and Educational Standards being followed in the Indian Army and Union and state Armed Force. Preference is to Ex-Servicemen who are physically and educationally eligible with a minimum of “Good Rating in the Discharge Book”
Selection Criteria:
  Security Guard Supervisor ASO
Physical Height 5'7" Same Same
  Weight 58 kg Min. Same Same
  Chest 32” Same Same
  Eye 6/6 or 6/9 Same Same
Education X class for civilians Graduate for civilians Same
  Army III class for Ex-Servicemen Army 1st Class for Army person Same
Experience Min.6 months Security Experience.
Mim,5 years Army or Defence Services
JCO/NCO or Equivalent rank
or Armed Force. 5 years
Industry' Experience case
of civilian
Hony .Capt./Lt. or Equivalent in rank 8 years Industry , experience for Civilian
Character Good or No Criminal Record Same Same
Police Verification Yes Yes Yes
Finger Prints Yes Yes Yes
Personal Qualities
All Guards must meet the following general criteria
1. Be able to read and write in any English/Hindi
2. Recognize English numbers
3. Have reasonably robust physique
4. Be reasonable intelligent and efficient
5. Live an overnight bus journey away from city of work
6. Recommended by known persons

We follow a planned system of recruitment from various parts of the country. The company recruits both ex-servicemen as well as civilian security personnel.

1. Recruitment wing has a vast network of Nodal centers spread over in states like Rajasthan, Haryana , Punjab, U.P and M.P. The Company officer in these nodal Centers hold rallies, liaise with local employment Exchange officers, DSS & A Boards and select required personnel. This ensures regular flow of manpower for training. Details of Nodal Centers.
2. The recruitment process is followed by proper documentation and candidates are handed over to training Academy at Jaipur.
3. Candidates not meeting the criteria are rejected and not sent for training.

1. Business Development Department sends out demand for various categories of personnel, with date of deployment, site of deployment, expected salary.
2. The Recruitment Department has permanent representatives in few states who are asked to provide personnel as per criteria specified by Business Development Department
The details are given below:-
a. Rajasthan:- Sikar, Jhunjhunu, Churu, Hanumangarh, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Bharatpur, Alwar, Karouli, Dausa, Jaipur
b. Haryana:- Rewari, Narnaul, Mahendragarh,
c. U.P :- Mathura, Agra, Aligarh, Etah, Meerut
d. M.P :- Gwalior, Jabalpur, Ratlam, Rewa
3. We also insert Advertisement in National dailies and local Newspapers.
The candidates are screened and put up head of selection section.
Candidates are then selected after interview and aptitude test.
Selected candidates are sent to enrolment section for documentation
Candidate under go fifteen days basic training Successful candidates are sent to placement section for posting.
Uniform are issued
Posting orders are issued
Investigation & verification
Formal police verification document are prepared and sent out. Individuals are handed over to concerned officers for deployment.
Four days on the job Training is provided by Operation Team.
Individuals assume charges after four days of site specific training.
1. Hindustan Zinc Limited (zinc colony)- Chittor Garh
2. Cms Computers ltd.- Jaipur, Udaipur, Ajmer. Alwar
3. B.L.Kashyap –Metro vendor - Jaipur
4 Pawan dham Apartment (1,2,3,4, 5,6, 7) - Jaipur
5. Vinayak Residency apartment (1,2, 3) – Jaipur
6. Parihar Plastic - Mathura
7. Sapphire Infocom - Jaipur
8. Thali house Hotel - Jaipur
9. Bajarang Dham Apartment-Jaipur
10. Aatighay Residency - Builder-Jaipur
11. U.C.B. show room - All Rajasthan,
12. Baba communication - Jaipur
13. Divine computer center - Jaipur
14. levis, Showroom - Jaipur
15. Smarth life style-Jaipur, Kota , Udaipur (All Rajasthan)
16. Okay plus builder - Jaipur
17. Sky height - builder -Jaipur
18. impiral Hospital - Jaipur
19. Astha Group Builder -Jaipur
20. Marda Life Style Pvt.Ltd - Jaipur
21. Vedag colonisor Pvt. Ltd. -Jaipur
22. Hotel Gulab Garh -Jaipur
23. Vinyak Complex -Jaipur
24. Hotel Amer View - Jaipur
25. B.R.Kohli Buld-Tech Pvt. Ltd-Jaipur, Bhiwadi
26. Choudhary Fashion Sitapura - Jaipur
27. Raiser Plaza-Jaipur